Letter To The Editor


Silvia Makori

Caleb Nash

Caleb Nash, Staff Reporter

Before I get started I just wanted to get started I wanted to thank you for writing about the importance of how journalist aren’t the problem president Trump is. According to Humatoday.com “free press is crucial to people who value the freedom and rely on an open exchange of ideas.” If we don’t have the press that just isn’t breaking the first amendment that means that this country isn’t a democracy anymore.

Donald Trump famous slogan “Enemy of The People” is referring to journalist and the press. The press is not the enemy if anything they are helping the people voice their opinion. Without the press not just my opinion won’t be heard but everyone’s. If our country is a democracy we have the right to freedom of speech that includes freedom of the press.

If Donald Trump does not like the press he should not be on social media talking about the press spreading “fake news” “when his staff is spreading alternative facts” according to Sentinel.com. If the president is on social media talking about how the press is spreading fake news why is he always on social media spreading rumors about the press.

The press is what inform us when a storm is coming, the press is what informs us to vote for our representatives and without the press we wouldn’t be living in a democracy and that is not what our founding fathers wanted. The press should keep doing their job and no let Donald Trump get to them.