Letter to the Editor : Freedom of Speech


Trinity Rocha

Kaylee Horn

Kaylee Horn , Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

I believe that the people have a right to say what they want to say and print what they want to print. We have Freedom of Speech to express what we believe, peacefully. Being able to print and say what we want is a human right. I’m sure that other people don’t like it when others talk about them, but then go and talk just like they did.

People might not like that others say bad or mean things, but they shouldn’t have a say in the matter, because someday they’ll need Freedom of Speech. People in higher power don’t want Freedom of Speech, like President Trump, because they do things that they don’t want to get out but always finds a way to. Then they get mad because they press printed something and then get onto them about it.

Well, that can’t happen because we all, as people, have Freedom of Speech. People speak the truth and sometimes, to the people being spoken about, get angry and try to do anything for them to take it back. We as people have rights, and in our rights we have Freedom of Speech and nothing can take that away from us because its been with us for years.

Then people get their feelings hurt that one time and want to change it all for the other people in the world. When your an adult you have to see the bigger picture, especially when your the President of the United States. Your going to be hated by some people, their going to talk crap about you, but just because they do you can’t take it away from the world.
There are other people in this world that might like you, and if you take their Freedom of Speech away then you’ll never know what they truly feel about you. All because of the group of people that hurt your feelings.



   Kaylee Horn