Letter to the editors


Trinity Rocha

Madelyn Meerscheidt

Madelyn Meercheidt , Staff reporter

Dear editorials ,

Today I am writing to you because i want to talk about journalism and freedom of press . I feel like freedom of the press is very important and that sometimes people take advantage of it and abuse it. President Trump thinks he can take control of the media , just because he is at the top of the government and has the most power .


The media is a privilege that america , and other nations are lucky to have. For example korea is not a free nation and they are forced to believe what the journalist and press write about  in the news and have no access to see what’s going on in other nations , because one , the government controls what they watch and what they can or can not look at , and two because the dictator in korea has to much power over the press and the country needs more freedom of speech and of the press .


Journalist need to be able to have good subject to write about , so therefore they need have freedom of press. America is very fortunate to be able to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I hope that one day countries that are under dictation has a little more freedom and have more freedom and can know whats going on all over the world .


Sincerely, Madelyn meerscheidt