Letter to the Editor : Trump was Wrong


Trinity Rocha

Khamirah Culmer

Khamirah Culmer, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

I think that journalism is important to kids my ages because it is letting kids express  how they really feel about things in the world. Also we need more journalists in the WORLD because we have so many young minds and we need more journals OPENNN! 

What do you think about the Trump thing? How do you feel?  I feel like it was really uncalled for. He didn’t have to say that on camera he could have keep his opinion to himself. Because when we say something its a problem but now that he said something its not. That’s not fair to the peoples jobs he is effecting , and the people that are losing their jobs for what he said, and how he said it. When he said that “press are enemy of the people” that was rude because press aren’t just camera they are people. They are human they have feeling so when you say something think about the people  that you are hurting.

I feel like this whole thing is unnecessary and uncalled for. Why can’t we just have a happy place in america. Why do we always have to do something bad why can’t we do something good. Trump needs to say sorry to the press because he was wrong for saying the words he did.