Letter to the Editor

Alison Meredith , Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,


The First Amendment of the U.S. constitution: we are allowed and we have the right have these thoughts and opinions. It’s freedom of speech. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s are right they can’t take that from us.

Journalism and press are pillars of this world. We use them in are everyday life’s to know what’s happening in places other than our own. What would happen to are world if there was no press? We wouldn’t have found out about the twin towers. We wouldn’t know about terrorist, unless we got a call from someone who lives near what’s happening. We shouldn’t have to be afraid of what’s happening around the world.

The news wouldn’t be something we could depend on to tell us reality. President Donald Trump wants us (The press) to stop with everything because he doesn’t like the things we are saying. It’s not fair. We dedicate our lives, time  and hard work to what we do, but he doesn’t believe what we say is true. He may be the president but he doesn’t have the right to treat people with utter disrespect.



         Alison Meredith