Letter to the editor: Trump need to take a good long look at the Constitution


Trinity Rocha

Caitlin Zander

Caitlin Zander, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

I believe that journalism is important because students need to be informed of the things going on at this school. They deserve to know what’s going on, and the new rules that they may make because in the end, students are the ones who have to follow them. We the Dobie News Staff will make sure that we keep our readers informed of important events going on in our community. Journalism is not just a hobby it’s a career and without it thousand maybe millions of people would be out of a job without journalism.

President Trump says “Journalist are the ENEMY.” That to me is wrong. Journalist are not the “enemy” we keep the citizens informed of things they have right to know. I get upset just thinking about it, I support some of the things he wants to do, but I don’t support his idea that journalist are the enemy. Part of me hopes that he reads this so he can learn the truth. If Trump tries to get rid of free press, then thousands, maybe millions of americans would be unemployed or very  unhappy with the job, that I bet they used to love.

It’s not all about people be unemployed or unhappy. It was the press that I bet helped Trump get elected. So for him to say that journalist are the enemy, is like a football player saying that the cheerleaders (the people that get the crowd to help support them) are the enemy. So I just want him to stop saying that, because I know it upsets journalist EVERYWHERE. So Editor I hope someone, if not me, will not some sense into that President of ours.



                                                                                           Caitlin Zander, a very upset journalist