Letter To The Editor: Journalists are People Too

Showing Respect for Journalists Everywhere


Trinity Rocha

Alaina Smith

Alaina Smith, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

I have done some research on what the press means to our country and how we Americans treat those of us who are writing and giving us information about what is happening around us. I have found that a lot of citizens have decided that it is okay to loudly declare that journalists are not seen as their equals. The Boston Globe Editorial Board has posted a video showing  several occasions on which Americans have tried to run down the press. We Americans have the right to share our opinions, but there is no need for showing disrespect for the other humans living in our blessed nation. We should not go around blaming and hating all reporters when not everyone of them are publishing non or half truths. Reporters and journalists are people too. They deserve the same respect that bankers, teachers, managers, and other working adults do. Just because we do not believe what some people write does not mean that we cannot tolerate it.


Yes, the press is a constitutionally protected way of sharing information, but there are some reporters and writers that choose to change, twist, or completely rewrite the truth, so it ends up not really being the truth at all. It’s sad to say, but there are people who just say what they want to. And worse is some people believe it and spread it. The country we live in is a monumentally blessed place and we should all be grateful for it and the people in it. Even if we do not believe or agree with what is published, we should all agree to show each other respect and kindness whether we think those around us deserve it or not.


President Trump is our president, and he deserves respect same as any other citizen in America. However, when he goes on social media to share his thoughts on the press, he should do so in a respectful and constructive manner of verbage. People often take judgement more easily when paired with advice and researched ideas. The media can use some work too. The way they depict President Trump does not put him in the brightest light, and it seems to really focus on what bad comes of him.


All in all if the press would write the truth, citizens would show kindness and respect for one another, and those in authority would kindly and constructively judge, the great country we live in will become a  greater.

From, Alaina Smith.