Football team is confident about this season

Nathan Stanley and Delando Johnson

Football at Dobie is played by many and is the highlight of the beginning of the school year. 7th and 8th graders participate in Dobie football every year. They have games for each A ,B, and C teams. Football practice is daily in mornings and afternoons.  Football players are confident about getting another banner year.

Shawn Jones, 8th Grader, says “Yes they will win most of their games because they are very disciplined and they hit hard.” 

Jones also says he feels good about playing Judson because he knows they win. He vocalizes he feels the coaches are pretty laid back and he feels his teammates are funny and cool. Jones says his favorite part about being on the football team is hanging out with friends.

Confident players

Vance Hopkin, 8th grader, is on the B Team. He says he feels good about this season. “I’m feeling pretty confident this year, last year I broke my foot, but I’m feeling confident this year,” he said. “We’ve been picking out teams and doing drills.” 

Hopkin explained that there are 3 teams A, B, And C. he says that each team is like a rank, A team being the highest, B being ok,,and C is being the needs improvement

Practice from the player

7th grader Solomon wiseman says that they “practice out positions, plays, and special teams”.

Wiseman also states that the practices are “fun and hard”. Wiseman says that he made A team and he is a linebacker. Wiseman said that he feels nervous about the football games because he claims that “I over think the plays and get them wrong”

7th Grade Perspective

7th Grader Brandon Brooks says his favorite part about being on the football team is his friends.

Brooks also says he feels like his team will win most of their games because they are a good team and they work together good.

Brooks further says that He knows his coaches are only hard on him to make him play better.

In addition Brooks also says playing Judson high school will be the hardest game they play but he feels they will win

Furthermore Brooks says He feels his teammates are very encouraging.

Last but not least Brooks feels that his team will get a banner this year.