Band students excited about new year

Students in Dobie Middle school band are practicing hard for their upcoming event for Dobie games and a concert coming up on September 23rd. Some song are challenging and some are just too fast to keep up with. “The song we are working on is called, 24 or 6 to 4.”  “The timing of the song is difficult but other than that it is easy,” said Serina Alderson.

The songs for the Dobie games are Dobie school song and the Dobie fight song. Students say it is easy even though they have to keep practicing. Many students are excited to play in front of Dobie crowd, but some are nervous. 

For the Dobie concert coming up on September 23, the students have been practicing very hard as well.”This year we have the biggest band we have ever had, and I feel like it’s going to be an excellent year because of the sheer volume of talented students we get to work with,” said Mr. Barbee, assistant band director.

Mr. Barbee has been teaching band for eight years. He says what inspired him to become a band director were his band directors when he was a student.”My band director in middle and high school inspired me to become a band director,” he said. “Mr. Wilson really knew his stuff and he always held me to the highest standards. I appreciated his effort and tutelage so much that I felt compelled to carry on sharing my musical gift with future generations.”

Many band students are excited about making the highest band. “I am in honor band, I am happy because it has always been my goal was to be in honor band,” said Lyndsay Varenhorst, 7th grader.

Most students stay positive and work hard.

“I am in symphonic band, and I am happy because it gives me a chance to work harder,” said Serina Alderson, 7th grader.