Letter to the editor

Kaylyn Hendrix, staff reporter

Dear Editor,

Freedom of the press is the most important thing about the U.S constitution. We go on everyday thinking that everything is okay;well it’s not. President Donald Trump spreads rumors saying, “FaKe nEwS”, etc etc etc. A lot of people respect journalists and we all should too. Without journalists there would be no news paper, no articles, etc ETC ETC;moving on.

How would President Donald Trump feel if no one appreciated his “work”. Journalists try to get the best story out of the situation as possible and all he does is spread rumors and run our state…That’s still a very important job, but still.

In conclusion, if the government/president ran the press, there would be restrictions on everything. Freedom of the press is honestly very important in my opinion, because everyone should get a say in something. We all should have the right to speak our minds and stand up for what is right. Thank you for listening. reading**

Sincerely Kaylyn Hendrix,