Letter to the editor


Ava Hunter, staff reporter

Dear editor,

Freedom of the press is the most critical part of the amendment. It allows the press to give information to the outside world. It’s the only way people in Texas would know about something in say like Canada.

Many people voted for President Trump this last election and allowed him to win the election. Trump isn’t most appreciative about the media. He says that it’s all fake news, and that journalist are the real threat to America.\

I have realized that many people don’t have their own opinions. As in if you were to tell someone the earth is flat they would believe it. Which makes it simpler for Trump to persuade them into believing what he says. Now people believe that news stations like CNN report fake news, but if this was true they would be believing fake news. People believe things without evidences or facts. People believe what they want to hear, and don’t accept that it’s true.