Students spend free time relaxing, having fun


Grace Barco and Lauren Handley

Many people say they’re too busy to have any free time. However, everyone has some free time. Dobie students love to talk about how they spend their free time. Students can go from sleeping 3-4 hours or to being up and active. Some students even play video games.   

Bella Oakes is in the 8th grade. She loves to draw in her free time because she finds it very enjoyable and fun. “It makes me feel happy and it gives me something to do when I’m bored,” Oakes said.

The main pictures she draws are people and even abstract but mostly what comes to mind. Weekends or even during school days after she has finished her assignments in class is when she has the most amount of free time to draw. One reason why she enjoys it is because it gives her a creative outlet and to her it’s fun. An interesting fact about her is that her favorite artist is Keely Elle.

Trinity Bohne, 8th grader, spends her free time sleeping or eating. That reason being is that she has nothing better to do and no one is home at the time she’s doing this. “It makes me feel happy,” Bohne said. The things that she does in her free time help her escape from her siblings and it really takes away from thinking about certain things.

Saturday is when she gets the most free time because her mom is at work and their family doesn’t normally have a busy schedule. She gets about three to four hours to do what makes her happy.

Alexia Barrera is in the 8th grade. In her free time she practices sports that she plays and even practices music. Since she is part of a team, she loves to practice in her own time to get better. “I want to be the best and it also makes me feel good because I like what I’m doing,” Barrera said.

Barrera continues to do that because she likes it and can even enjoy it with her friends. It even keeps her busy since she doesn’t like having down time. When she doesn’t have any games that’s when she’s not busy and she can have great times in her free time.

Shania Sapp who is in the 8th grade has plenty of free time and even likes to play Fortnite with friends. She loves how colorful and animated the game is and she enjoys that she can play it a lot. Sapp likes that she can build things in the game because other games don’t build the way fortnite does.

She mostly plays on Fridays after school and loves playing for hours on end. Sapp loves the game so much that she even has a favorite place in the game! ‘’My favorite place in the game is Salty Springs because I get a lot kills in the game,’’ Sapp said.