Letter to the editor: Freedom of the Press

Megan Fling, Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

The article you wrote was very meaningful. I agree that Journalists and news reporters don’t write “disgusting” or “fake” news, according to our President Donald Trump. The stories they write are all facts about things Trump has said on T.V. Trump just doesn’t like to hear the nasty truth about himself.

In one of the articles you wrote, “We are not the enemy of the people – we are the people.”, this sentence was extremely powerful. When Trump talks about the press he compares them to people like their less than people. The press are the people.

Journalists work hard to write articles and stories. They have so much information to gather, and so much research and notes to take. News reporters are the reason we have information about the world. They are our news. Without either of them we wouldn’t even know who our president is.

 “Freedom of The Press” is part of the First Amendment. Trump is trying to take away their freedom of speech, which is also in the First Amendment, by insulting and spreading false rumors about them. He wants to overthrow the Press. But he will fail because of this First amendment. The press should have as much freedom as the people do.