Letter To The Editor


Jocelyn McComic

Amara McCollum

Amara McCollum, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,


Freedom of the press is the most important amendment of the constitution. This is because the press needs to document so that we know what is going on in our world.Despite what President Donald Trump thinks about the press, it is important that the press is present. Countries like North Korea have controlled press which is no better than a country that doesn’t have press at all. Similar to a Mark Twain quote “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”


We have obeyed this amendment since James Madison wrote it in 1789, so the fact that Trump has the audacity to disrespect that amendment is truly disrespectful and in such a childish way. The press should not be pushed away. In fact, they should  be welcomed. Especially from the U.S population. As citizens of America we should want to know what is going on in our own White House. Journalist are trying to deliver that news. Journalist need extra support during this time of “ Lack of Freedom of the press.” USA TODAY says “Press freedom is under attack” and “Don’t wait for a journalist to be murdered to protest.”


It is not only USA TODAY that is saying something. INDEPENDANT says

Donald Trump will not stop his attacks on journalists because he doesn’t believe in media freedom


ACLU says  Donald Trump Thinks the Freedom of the Press Is ‘Disgusting’

And finally The Guardian Weekly says Trump’s attacks on media raise threat of violence against reporters, UN experts warn