Some students love technology, some see it as an obstacle

Trinity Bohne and Anaya Bryant

Although technology is very useful and positive, it can also impact your life in negative ways.

Tatiana Griggs, Megan Fling, and Jazlyn Grarcia agree that it has negative impacts on their lives. Griggs, who is in the 8th grade, believes technology is good but has its own flaws with it.”Technology can be addictive and it can also be hurtful sometimes.” She thinks that you can get carried away and can stay on the computer/phone, and can stay on for 5 or 6 hours.

You can get carried about with Snapchat or Instagram. It can distract you and you can stay in the house not be active and can get carried away and won’t even hang out with your family.But when it comes to technology you can stay in and watch T.V. or Netflix and not do your homework, you might forget to do it.

She also thinks technology has a good impact on your life.”Technology can be good because  you can use it for a lot of useful things and emergencies”. Phones, Game consoles and laptops can also be helpful. They can bring family together and friends closer. Without technology, you would be very bored. If you need to be picked up for school you can use a phone to call you mom or Guardian, if an emergency happened you can call 911 for help.

Megan, who is also in the 8th grade, also agrees with Tatiana on both things. “Technology gets in the way and is a huge distraction.” She spends from the time she gets home to the time she goes to bed on her phone or other electronic. She says it takes time away from her talking to her family. She also states, “I do not see myself living without an electronic.”

Although she does agree that technology isn’t worth it, she thinks it has quite a few positives. “It is an important object to have with you in case of emergency but it shouldn’t be used all the time.” She believes that they are fun and a good way to pass the time when you’re bored.

Garica, 7th grader, says she enjoys her phone. “It’s fun to play a lot of games all day on the phone.,” she said.  She thinks it’s very interesting, and a big change in the world. We will be able to do a lot of things with the internet. She spends 9 hours a day on her phone and computer, because it can keep her distracted and it  can stop you from getting bored. She wouldn’t be able to live without her phone, because after homework you need something to do. She thinks that it is good to have a lot of tablets, phones, and computer so she will not mess with her brothers and her parents.