Letter to Editor


Jocelyn McComic

Grace Barco

Grace Barco, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

Freedom of the Press is important for our society. Without the press how would we know what’s going on with our government and the world today. The press gathers information and share to others about important facts we should know.

According to Donald Trump news media is “The enemy of the people.” Without all the journalists, reporters, and all the people that take time to create information about our world, there will be people pondering about how our society is doing.

Journalists provide us with news. How would I be writing this letter if I didn’t know what was going on with our President trying to take our 1st amendment away. I found out by journalists writing and gathering information about our government.

I don’t agree with what our president, Donald Trump is saying about the press. He puts himself out there on social media and it doesn’t make any sense when he is trying to make a point about the 1st amendment. If he is trying to take our Freedom of the Press away then he needs to stop posting on social media if he has such an opinion about it.

Imagine if we didn’t have newspapers, social media, or any items that can be published for people to see. How would you be able to vote for a president if you had no clue how that person’s personality and how they would control our government and the people. That’s why the role of journalists or any publisher is important to our world.