Letter To The Editor: Freedom of the Press

DeLisa Booker, staff reporter

Dear Editor,  

Today I will be writing about the freedom of the press. Freedom of speech is so important because its a document that surrounds our opinions without having repercussions. There are many opinions about the press, some may be negative, but some others think the press lets them express themselves and gives them a sense of freedom.

The press got exposed one year because the press lied and said that there wasn’t going to be lots of lives taken if we do go into war. It came up in the New York Times Newspaper. President Donald Trump said that the press was all fake news and that all they ever do is make up fake stories about him and others. But press means that the news paper and stories have the right to write whatever they want under some circumstances.

The press freedom of the press is very important even if they put stuff out you or other people wouldn’t like to know. It could protect you and somebody else from A LOT of things! We have freedom,so should the newspaper. -Sincerely DeLisa Booker