Athletes could be distracted by social media


Zachary Thigpen

A student uses her phone on the bus.

“Distractions destroy action. If it is not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone.”

                             – Jermaine Riley

Social media is a distraction for most people, even athletes. As an athlete have you ever been distracted by the Social Media before your big game? If you have, how did you act? Sad? Hyped? Or even angry? Social media can negatively influence athletes to do bad things or get distracted. Distraction in sports could cost a lot when it comes to trainings or games.

Social media apps such as Instagram or Snapchat can affect in game or practice performance. Athletes sometimes get so interested (distracted) in what other people are doing or what they posted that you sometimes lose track of time, missing a game or practice.

Athletes use social media the same way most people do. People who are checking their phone before games are more likely to be affected by social media in positive or negative ways. Especially those who are student athletes,  they are aware that people watch them at school because they play for a team so they are likely to be affected by people in school.

Saying things like “ you’re too small to play” or laugh at the position they are trying out for can make them feel bad about themselves. This may affect athletes emotionally, for example, they may cry, feel depressed or even getting so angry they don’t want to play in the next game.  

According to USA Today High School Sports, athletes that tweet things in the past or post inappropriate things on social media have a hard time getting recruited.  

Some of Dobie’s athletes said it is a distraction. “When people get mad and talk mess, it is hard to concentrate when i’m playing or even during practice,” said Anthony Montemayor, 8th grade football player.

Mrs. Santos, coach for the cheerleaders, said that even cheerleaders are sometimes distracted by social media.

“Yes, they are always on their phone,” said Coach Santos.