PV: Dear Editor: what do other people think

John Salgado, staff reporter

Dear editor thank you for showing me what Donald Trump is doing to the pres and they have to deal with its does not feel right and I want to know what the U.S thinks like in every state thinks. Donald Trump as made bad moves but this one is serious and also want to know hat does Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton think about

Some people are on Donald Trump side but that have to say that there not with him and maybe some pres and making people on their side. Donald Trump said it’s fake new but how can he be sure of that and i hope the pres will be fine because of Donald Trump.


Only one more thing to ask why is he doing this, why does he not like the press like what did to him nothing probably but I hope that Donald Trump can see what does he done to the prees and it’s the fair to them I hope that can see what he has done to the prees and others.