Student ID’s: hate them or not, they’re required

Student IDs: hate them or not, theyre required

Alexis Garcia, Staff reporter

In this school district and in most other school districts, students must wear ID’s for their safety and identification.  This is a school requirement that students have known since day one, but there are still some students that refuse to follow these rules.

D-hall usually includes a group of students who refuse to wear their school ID, forget it or lose it. As each day begins and students are trying to make their way into the school, teachers who are on duty are checking for ID’s. in the lunch line, students are required to have their ID’s.

But some students with this requirement wasn’t so strict. “It would be cool if we only had to wear our ID’s walking in and out of the school, but when we are in the school we would not have to wear it anymore,” said  M’kenzie Daniels, 8th grader.

Administrators and teachers, who also wear ID’s, require students to wear ID’s around their neck so they are more visible instead of in their shirt, pocket or backpack, where it’s hidden.

School ID’s are more important than most students realize, and no matter what students say about them, they will be around until they’re done with school and even college.

“We have to wear ID’s so we can check out books and get lunch without a hassle,”  said Deja Jones, 7th grader.

”I wear my ID because it’s dangerous not to. We could be kidnapped,harmed, and so many more things. I mean I’ve also already gotten used to wearing one,” said Jones.

Some students think that some of the rules about ID’s are strict, but they’re only strict so we are can be safe.

“They give you D-hall if they see you without your ID’s. D-halls are terrible!” said Jones. “I once had my ID in my pocket and i got in BIG trouble. I had to go to D-hall for 2 days!”