Letter to the editor: Press is important


Aaliyah Simmons

Zachary Thigpen

Zachary Thigpen, Staff Writer

Dear Editor:

I saw your post on how Trump says the press is the enemy of the people. I believe that you are correct on most parts, but you also got some things wrong. Most mainstream media is pushed to show a political view, either Republican or Democratic. He is a politician, he will harp on his opposition no matter what. But, I do not agree with Trump saying all press is fake news, press is important because it shows us the outside world. Even local news stations are important to people, though news stations like CNN who only talk about politics in some way or form does get annoying. Freedom of press and Freedom of Speech are both very important things for American Culture and saying they are the people’s enemy is wrong, but saying they are the peoples opinions could be correct. No matter how you look at it, press is the opinion of the reporter, it was their opinion to report on that specific thing. Of course they need to be unbiased, but the reporter is to give incite on what they think about it. My opinion is that press is important, fake or not.

Thanks for your time,

Zachary Thigpen