Transition to 8th grade is welcome

Bienvenido Padilla, Kyle Cannon, and John Wright

Eighth graders are excited for their final year at Dobie Junior High. They made it through their seventh grade year and now they are the upperclassmen. That means that they have made friends, gotten to know some teachers, learned routines, and more.

David Spink, an 8th grader, commented about the transition from 7th to 8th grade. “I am excited about learning new things and meeting new people,” he said. Finding out about the new schedule, David feels more neutral and is looking forward to this year’s clubs and extracurricular activities, especially Gamer’s Club. Although, David is upset that he has to eat at 1 p.m. — C lunch.

But for some, this year hasn’t started off in a positive way. Another 8th grader, Josh Cheetum, said that this year is “boring and not fun at all”. “I don’t know why but I think that this year’s classes just aren’t as fun as last year’s,” he said, adding that “the new schedule is way more confusing than last year’s schedule.”  

One 8th grader, Kha Nguyen, agrees with Josh Cheetum. “I like the schedule except if I ever have C lunch.” Kha plans on passing 8th grade with A’s by focusing more in class, and with his positive attitude he won’t be deterred.

“I really don’t like this school year so far I have not enjoyed any part of the school year.” This was a quote I was told by Daniel Judge an 8th grader returning to Dobie. He was not excited at all about this year. “I can’t wait for this school year to end,” said Judge.

Eighth graders shown us that although they are unhappy or happy, they are prepared for this year and the next.