PV: 8th grade girls volleyball tryouts were nerve-racking

Jurnee Clark, Staff Reporter

My name is Jurnee Clark. I’m in the 8th grade and I tried out for girls volleyball. I have never played volleyball before and I was nervous trying out. During tryout I was kinda on edge and jumpy because I didn’t want to tryout and not make the team. However I observed and watched other people to try to do what I was supposed to. Trying out for volleyball was kind of nerve-racking, I have never played volleyball but I made the team.

What inspired me to play volleyball was my sister. She played volleyball and I wanted to follow in her footsteps, and be as good as she was. I wanted to try volleyball just to keep me busy until basketball season and learn a few thing.Me making the team kinda confused me because I have never played before and I don’t know how to play and how to properly do the sport. But I strive to play right and be one of the best. I feel good about my teammates, they are good players and are good people. They have good work ethic and are hard workers.

I understand that playing volleyball is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. I did think that I wouldn’t like volleyball but now I do. I push myself during practice to show the coaches what I have and show them what I can offer to the team.

Our team is working hard to be the best and play well. The volleyball team is amazing! All of the players have a lot of work ethic and are competitive. They are great teammates and I am lucky to be playing with them. I’m also lucky to have the coaches to guide me.