Are Dobie lunches healthy?


David Spink

Dean Slater, an 8th grader enjoying his lunch

Pablo Ponce and David Spink

Have you ever wondered if the lunch served at School is healthy for you? You’ve seen pizza, burgers, fries, and even tater tots and you most likely though,”Oh yes! My favorite!!!”

Although, what is served may have an impact on your health and maybe even your life. As many children in the past have gotten the worst from food, just think, what  there is a worm or someone’s cough germs where there. Oh boy! Don’t eat it is what parents would say but, the kids be like,”Check it out. BOOM! It’s gone… I totally didn’t eat it.”

Joseph Flores, 8th grader said, “School Lunches aren’t healthy, cause most of the time they serve pizza, and burgers and etc.I would eat because it’s tastier and healthy to eat. A sandwich, strawberries,grapes,carrots with ranch and water makes a healthy meal.”

A tastier meal that would be healthy for students would make them sort of upset because they are so used to unhealthy lunches to fill there stomach and they feel like healthy doesn’t do that.             

Gio Gianan, 8th grader, agrees with Joseph and says, “Lunches aren’t healthy. They have so much meat and a little nutrition.”

Most kids at Dobie don’t bring their own lunch to school. “I would rather bring packed lunches because you know what your bringing and its healthy and it’s an alternative from your school lunch. It feels safer to know what is being served. It does but it depends on what you get from them so to be correct, yes it does,” said Gianan. 

So, it’s most likely to say that the school lunches are in fact unhealthy. Students from now on need to watch out what they eat. You never know what is inside or what the ingredients are.