Letter to Editor


Bella Oakes, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

There has been propaganda arising about President Trump and his comments about how press is “the enemy of America.”

I am not a very politically-savvy person, let that be known before I move forward. But, from what little I do know about politics, I know that journalists are definitely NOT the enemy. Of course, there is more than one’s fair share of fake news, hoaxes, and journalists that report lies and fabricated stories, But without the press, the people would only hear news through one view point; the government’s.  

Although Trump has been wonderful for America’s economy thus far, he over exaggerates his statements, leading to others interpreting what he wants to get across wrong; him stating that “press is the enemy” influences others to despise the press. Freedom of the Press is a right ensured by the Constitution.

If Trump continues to-to be blunt about it-run his mouth, he will both enrage the media, and cause more issues, like he did with Freedom of the Press. His statement about the press could discourage coming-of-age students from becoming journalists, news anchors, etc. This will not only hurt the news/press industry, it will hurt the employment industry, because those who originally wanted to become journalists will choose other jobs, resulting in places being taken from those who really want that profession, and those jobs being less in demand, resulting in a loop of unemployment and dissatisfaction.

Revisiting my previous statement, there are hundreds of thousands of fake stories. Yet, there are also hundreds of thousands of factual stories. A very important issue; just because an article is exaggerated does NOT mean it is false. Exaggeration is used to catch attention

My final statement is that the press is not the enemy. Freedom of the press is a right of the people ensured by the Constitution.

Sincerely, Bella Oakes

               Dobie Jr. High Journalist