Lunch loudness is quieted


Jayla Doane, Holley Crabtree, and Katlyn Thomas

At the beginning of the school year, lunches had a problem: Students were loud, some even screaming, every time the bell rang. It was beyond loud and the noise began to get on people’s nerves. So the next day the teachers took action to get students in order and a bit more quiet. 

The teachers and administrators on lunch duty said that all students had to stay after the bell in their seats until everyone was quiet before they were released. It worked.

Some students are grateful. They felt uncomfortable about the screaming and thought that the kids who were screaming should get in trouble. Others merely find it was annoying and immature since the 7th graders should have better behavior if not the possible actions can be ISS, OSS, or lunch d-hall.

Tatiana Nabozny said she thinks giving all students at lunch consequences is not right because it is only some students who are causing problems. “It is unfair, because other kids need to go to the other side of the school and since we have to stay, they end up late,” said Nabozny. 

Ashlyn Roberts said that the yelling was obnoxious and tended to give her a headache. “It’s really annoying and I hate it,” said Roberts. Many other students agree that they are tired of the screaming and something needs to be done.

Leah Kingery said telling others to stop would help. “Tell the people around me who are are screaming to stop” Kingery said.

Some others agreed. Telling others to be quiet,  calm down, and to stop screaming may not seem like it will do anything, but it can be powerful if students are good examples to others.