Football Team Faces Changes This Year

There are so many changes this year for the J.  Frank Dobie Junior High football team. In the past, Dobie Middle School has had football games on Thursdays but recently the district has changed the games to Saturdays. How do you think this makes the football players feel? Here are some responses from Dobie’s 7th and 8th grade coaches, along with the players’ opinions. Coach Wallrich, a 7th grade football coach, has been at Dobie Jr. High for three years now. Coach Wallrich said he is concerned about playing Judson, saying  “they are a hard team to beat.”

But some Dobie players like Jayden Dabney, Okikijeus Adejuyigvb and Alex Garza disagree. Dabney plays defensive and end offensive tackle. He’s excited to play Judson because they are “the most hyped team.”  Most of Dobie’s football players also feel like the school changing districts is a good thing. Okikijeus Adejuyigvb, 8th grader,  plays tight end. He is most excited to play Judson and Kittyhawk because, “they’re the best schools in the district.’’

Dabney said he feels like the distract changing is “a great opportunity, because we will have more competition.”

Alex Garza is an 8th grader who plays offense of tackle and defense of tackle. “I am not intimidated by any school because you should be confident in your team,” Garza said. “Being apart of Dobie’s football team means working together and not giving up.”This statement shows how much Garza appreciates the opportunity  of playing for Dobie football.