Dobie students share their favorite brands


“Off the Wall”

Amara McCollum, Lyna Gonzalez, and DeLisa Booker

Dobie students certainly have their favorite brands when it comes to fashion. A lot of them said Nike, Vans and Hollister, but no matter the brand, students try to have a unique sense of style.

Nike seems to be a popular brand among Dobie Junior High students for the comfort, style of shoes, and the clothes they make.

Dontae Carter, 7th grader, said he liked Nike the best because “Nike is so popular and has the best brand of shoes,’ he said. Carter usually spends around $80 for a pair of shoes.

David Hart, 8th grader, said he also likes Nike, specifically Jordans. “They are comfortable and I also like the price of them,” he said, adding that he has a collection of Jordans because he really likes how they look.

While students liked Nike and Jordans, many seemed to LOVE Vans. Almost every person interviewed said they owned at least one pair of shoes or a shirt from Vans. The trend for Vans is booming and everyone seems to be buying a new pair every week.

The most popular Vans that students wear are white, checkered and colors like red or yellow which match almost everything. 

Siara Romero, 8th grader, shared what she likes about Vans. “It is a trend and trends push you to buy different things,” she said.

While not everyone likes to follows trends we would like to agree this trend lets you express yourself since there is such a variety.

The next brand that people seem to enjoy is Hollister because students say the clothes are cute and affordable. Hollister has been very popular among junior high students for a while now, especially here at Dobie. The brand offers clothing for boys and girls and gives an option to wear something casual or something more fun.

Many students also like the brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Pink. These brands have also been popular because they have many different styles and colors. Kids like to be able to choose for themselves what to wear and many of the brands we listed allow them to.