Personal view: Dobie Cafeteria can be a lot to handle

Ashley Sustayta, Staff reporter

The cafeteria at Dobie Jr. High is a loud and messy place to be. Many students, teachers, and other faculty members will agree with this statement.

“It’s so chaotic that I have to squish to fit.” complains Lindsey Villarreal, 8th grader, as people around her yell and trying to move around the busy cafeteria.

Villarreal states that the cafeteria is “extremely loud.” Despite that, Villarreal’s favorite thing about it is the lunch line because that’s where she gets her food.

Jaida Osborne, 7th grader, used explosion noises when describing the cafeteria and says that the setup of the cafeteria is inconvenient for her because,“there aren’t enough tables and people are all crammed.”

Osborne states very confidently that she would change the cafeteria by “taking out all the annoying people so it can be just me and my friends, and then I would add more tables so that we can lie down.”

Osborne also states that her favorite part of the cafeteria is that, “we get to sit wherever we want and have our phones out.”

The cafeteria at Dobie Jr. High is a place that cannot be tamed…..or is it?