PV: Why Kindness Matters


Aaliyah Simmons

Julius Torres

Julius Torres, Staff Reporter

Kindness is a very great thing to do. Being kind can show people they matter, and that you care. Kindness is one of the many character traits. It means a good  or benevolent nature, as a person. Being kind has many good benefits. It could give you friends, make people happy, and make teachers or adults like you. Let’s face it, they hardly ever want to talk to mean or stuck up kids.

Being kind doesn’t have to be something really big like giving someone a house. It could be as simple as opening a door or helping someone with homework. When I show kindness, I hold open the door for people, or I let someone do something first. If I don’t like someone, I usually hide it with kindness. If that somehow doesn’t work, then they are your enemy from middle school to death! I’m just playing, but you’re smart enough to know what I mean.

Kindness sometimes has a big impact on people. The littlest thing could mean so much to someone. For example, when I was in 5th grade, I had very bad anger problems. I got mad easily, but I could never control it. My teacher, Mr. Bishop, saw that I was going through this and helped me. He would always calm me down when I was mad, and he taught me how to have have self-control. As years went by, I stopped getting angry and became nicer. When I saw him in 6th grade, I thanked him for everything he’s done. What he did really got me through a lot of pain, and I’m glad he was my teacher.

Kindness to me is like monkey see monkey do. When someone gives kindness to one person, it sometimes inspires that person to show kindness. It could turn into this endless loop of giving and loving. You don’t have to save someone’s life to be kind. Just saying, “Good morning,” could make someone’s day. You could give someone your food if they don’t have any. Invite someone to a game if they are alone. Give someone ideas on how to be kind. You don’t have to show kindness all the time, but enough to show people you care.