Cibolo Fest

Ava Pena, Staff reporter

Cibolo fest is a fun festive time where you can enjoy your time with family and friends. Have you ever volunteered somewhere and felt good about yourself, well I volunteer to do a couple things for the environment but also Cibolo fest. Can you imagine working from 12:00am – 4:00pm? Well, I sure can because, I did that on October 13. If you forgot it was Cibolo fest. I was working as a cashier in the Miss Cibolo scholarship pageant booth, I’m surprised how nice everyone was to me and the other girls. Even though they had to wait on popcorn, cotton candy, water, or even the change they were patient. They didn’t even get mad they just patiently waited. We even got more girls for the pageant. It was very confusing when it got more busy because, it was money after money. Other than busy hour it was fun watching the little kids running up and grabbing the pieces of paper that we have for the new 2018-19 contestant girls. After I finished my part of the job (4 hours) my little sister and I both went and tried the rock climbing wall. I made it up easy well not easy I stopped a lot because I kept looking down and I couldn’t find a good foot hold so I could push the button at the top. My little sister on the other hand she struggled she’s not that great with climbing so my step dad was helping her, when she got to the top she couldn’t find the button and it was right in front of her face. She was so lost I had to point to it multiple times then, again she’s only 8. So you cant real judge her.