Letter to the Editor: Journalists don’t have freedom


Trinity Rocha

Alexis Avitua

Alexis Avitua, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

Journalist are supposed to have freedom of the press. I don’t believe in what Trump said because he said that journalist are the enemy but they tell what’s going on and people want to know what’s going on around the world. It is the first amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

President Donald Trump says that CNN and Channel 1 is all fake news and he wants to take them away but if he takes them away then some people will not know what is happening around the world because the world has a lot of crazy people. He says that the press if the enemy but the press gives everyone information about what is going on with Trump and everything in Congress. The Press is just doing their job and the thing they love doing. Journalists are supposed to interview people and get everything interesting about that person. Journalists don’t have to interview about people they can interview anything like the weather or what’s trending.

I do not like what Trump said about the freedom of the press or about the news. Journalist are not the enemy. The U.S. Constitution says that everyone is equal and Trump can’t take that away.