Personal View: Dobie’s I Am Second club


I am Second sign in the hallway invites students to join.

Ashley Sustayta

The goal of the I Am Second club is very simple.

”We want to bring Jesus into the schools and make His name famous. We also want students to be able to tell their stories,” said Sonny Black, founder of the I Am Second club at Dobie Jr. High.

I Am Second is a club where you learn how to “Live second” to God. It is also a place where we encourage students to share the story of how they met God and how they have changed since they met him, they call that a “second story” They meet every Thursday in room D106, Mrs. Behnsch’s room, after school from 3:35 to 4:15.

The club helps students grow closer to God. We try to help to connect students and teachers by showing them that they have something in common. The club really wants to help change the school for the better. The club is at other schools as well including Steele High School, Clemens High School, and Randolph High School.

The student leaders of the Dobie I Am Second group are MJ Reyes, Emily Rattmond, and me. We are always looking for more people to who are interested in leading and starting another group. To be a leader of a group you must be a Christian that has invited God into your life. If you are interested in starting your own group talk to one of the leaders mentioned.

“Sure, I would go because I’m a Christian and it seems cool,” says Jaida Osborne.

But not all students are comfortable sharing their testimony. Osborne also says that she wouldn’t be comfortable sharing her “second story” with the rest of the club.

And that’s OK. It is not required to share your testimony.