Can Dobie Athletes balance practice/games and school?

Caitlin Zander and Tyla Swanton

 It may seem like athletes lead a calm, organized life,but that’s not true.Athletes have to go practice 2-5 days a week then after school/weekend games or tournaments,and still have to do homework and projects.So can our athletes balance practice/games and schoolwork?

Kaylee Horn is a Soccer player, she practices Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday ,and her games are Saturday and Sunday.When asked if she has trouble balancing work(practice/games) and school Horn said”I’m sorta in the middle,I’m a pretty organized person and practice is late so I have some time after school to work on my homework.”When asked if she thinks practice should be shorter to make more time for homework she said that she thinks it is fine for her, because she works fast, but she doesn’t know about others.

Dara Tomogun is also a Soccer player, she practices every Tuesday and Thursday, and her games are on Saturday. When asked if she had a hard time balancing work and school Tomogun said “Sometimes I have trouble and I think practice should be a little bit shorter” When asked how she deals with practices and school work Tomogun stated “ Sometimes I don’t go to practice or I just stay up late to study and do homework.”

Sophia Avitua is a Volleyball player, she and her team practice Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes on Fridays. Her games are every Thursday and sometimes on Saturdays. When asked if she was having trouble balancing out practices, games, and homework Avitua said “Yes, on game days because we don’t get home till 7:30 – 7:45. When asked if she had any thoughts on practice being shorter Avitua responded with “ No, I don’t think practice should be shorter I just think it should be in the morning because it takes out a lot of my time from the evening.” After games Avitua has to stay up and finish any homework that she may have had. “ I have to stay up later than usual to do my homework and study guides that my teachers gave me.” Avitua shared.

Shawn Jones is a football player. He practices Tuesday through Friday after school,and the games are on Saturday.When asked if he has trouble balancing practice/games and school Jones said “Sometimes,I have a lot of practice, so I have a lot of homework.”Jones also think that practice should be about 30 minutes shorter to make more time for homework.He was also asked how he deals with not having a lot of time to do homework because of practice Jones said “As soon as I get home from practice I get started on my homework.”