Personal View: Is UIL for you?


Emily Maldonado, Journalist

As the year goes on, we get closer and closer to UIL practices. In fact, some people already joined a club for UIL as their Connection. However, if you aren’t already in UIL or planning to join, should you join? And if so, which one?

I believe UIL is a great way to open up and get out your shell. It also challenges you in whatever aspect you’re competing in. Although, students are very competitive when it comes down to the meets and Tournament of champions, so don’t expect it to be all fun and games. A lot of practice goes into the UIL events, and the students pour their heart and soul into their work.

That being said, the meets and tournament can be a lot of fun. They take place on weekends at a school and begin early in the morning. Upon their arriving, the students usually practice or relax until it is their turn to test or present. When it is their time to go, the students in that category make their way to the classroom in which their event is hosted and complete their task. After, they go back to the cafeteria and entertain themselves. Some of the things you can do usually include eating, chatting, and sometimes playing the gym.

After every test is done and the judges have rated all the events, there is a ceremony to announce the rankings. It is similar to the Honor’s Night we have at the end of each year. In meets, if you place a six or greater, you move on to the Tournament of Champions. As a fellow champion, I know it feels amazing to go up on the stage and claim your medal or ribbon.

Now the only question is, which event should you do? There are a lot to choose from, but the generic categories are math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Some examples of the events are Ready Writing, Calculator Skills, Maps and Graphs, Modern Oratory, and Science.

If you feel interested in joining one of the UIL events, be sure to look more into it, and please consider joining. We’d love to have you in our community!