Inside Dobie’s Upcoming Musical

Isaac Mokrane and Aliana Graham

The upcoming musical, “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs,” is approaching fast. Students are ready to show off what they have learned. Not many people know about the musical and we are going to give you all a special look behind the scenes.

“The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” is a musical comedy about the trial of the Big Bad Wolf. Al T. Wolf has been accused of the murder of the Three Little Pigs and is trying to prove his innocence while fighting off attacks made by the fierce prosecutor Julia and the corrupt judge Prudence. Other cast includes the handsome Dr. Robert, matronly Martha, and the Third Little Pig Maxwell.

Mrs.Chitta, and her cast and crew, have been working very hard for the past 4 weeks. “ I’m so excited to see my best friend in the play,” Sarah Lyon, 8th grade, said.” It’s cool to see something that they’ve put together.” Some students have tried out, but didn’t make it and are still excited for it. “I am so happy for my friends who made their part,” Kelly Drewes, 8th grade, said.

The actors are a little stressed about rehearsals and singing in front of their friends. Marquise Hamilton, 8th grade, said he was super nervous and not confident at all. Rehearsals are held every day unless said otherwise, which causes a little bit of stress to the actors. On top of that, we have other stuff besides the musical. Kimberly Wagner, 8th grade, is on C-team basketball, and does props for the play.

The cast is very excited to present this musical to all of you, and the cast hopes to see you there on December 5th at 6pm!