Trick ‘r treating or Trick ‘r leaving


Aaliyah Simmons

Sophia Danielle Lee

Sophia Lee, Student Life Editor

Halloween is coming around the corner and the students of Dobie Junior High are stoked, mainly because of the sweets being handed around during trick or treating. Many students are  most most excited about their costumes.


When kids go trick or treating, costumes are a must for the event. Kids can dress up as ANY person or character, real or fake,  and everyone has their own opinion on a costume they like. To learn more on other students’ opinions, the student life editor of journalism has decided to interview the students that are going trick or treating and are dressing up, and here are the results:


An 8th grader named Kate Bewster says she’s not going trick-or-treating, but is going to a Halloween party and will dress up there. “It’s a Halloween party filled with adults.” she then says.


Her Halloween costume is a Court Jester, or more specifically a Jester. “I’m using a dark, greyish skirt, a black, long-sleeve turtleneck shirt and some silver duct tape. The silver duct tape is for the sleeve.”

Although she says it’s a Halloween party, she mentions the fact they have a bowl of candy and how she’ll pack some without suspicion.”I plan to stash them in my costume and gobble them all up.”


Evan Sawyer, an eighth grader, says he’s going trick-or- treating around Buffalo Way. ”It’s the neighborhood I live in”, he adds.


He also says he’s dressing up as a creepy teddy bear, or as one of his friends call it, a “Porky Pig”.  “The mask for it already has the blood on it, as well as the suit,” he says, “so I can’t use fake blood on it.”


When asked about how much candy he plans to get, he hesitated for a minute or two and makes a random guess of “200 or 300” pieces of candy, “about a pillowcase full”, Evan says .


Even though there might be yeses and nos, all that matters is the fun, the treats, and yes, the scares, so grab a halloween bag/ candy bag, and enjoy every last bit of the October season and that kids have a TERROR-rific time.