Spotlight: Assistant Principle Mrs. Silva


Michael Zuazua, Staff reporter

Assistant Principal Mrs. Silva has astonished me with her respectful attitude, leadership skills, and her number one goal which is “helping children in a greater scope.” Fellow students  find this statement to be very inspiring because it allows others like myself to feel in a safe environment which also places it’s students as her top priority.

After being in the military for 10 years, Mrs. Silva moved to Texas where she gained the idea of becoming a teacher. In 2007 she started working at Gus Garcia Middle School where she taught social studies then moved to Dobie Jr. High and becoming a principal in 2016 (enjoying them both the same).She loves to hang out with her family and takes an interest with projects around her house.

While Mrs. Silva should be worrying about her home life she thinks about school a lot so when things get too stressful she takes deep breaths and prays.

One opinion Mrs. Silva and students share is the desire for bigger hallways it’s a laughable subject, but to be honest everyone can recall at least one  traumatizing moments where we’ve been trampled by multiple bodies just because we tried to tie our shoe. Yikes!

Aside from Mrs. Silva’s love for her students she shows equal compassion to her fellow co-workers just from speaking with her I can already tell there’s never a dull moment in the office when Mrs. Silva is around. So at the end of the day Mrs. Silva will always be my favorite staff member and she definitely deserves a nice trip to Italy.