8th Grade season update

jayden dabney, staff reporter

8th grade Dobie football team is currently undefeated (4-0) both A and B team.the coaches really push the players to keep there grades up so they can be eligible to play this year they didn’t lose to many people but eligibility is coming back up so they can either be eligible or ineligible. Another thing that leads to their success is that they study film. Javon Lucas said” It’s good to watch film because its a good tool to see what we did wrong and to scout other teams.”  

They also have something that they call kick the field were they go out and play around for warm-up then they practice how they lineup on game day,who starts on game day,and how to hustle on and off the field. Javon Lucas 8th grader also said that it’s good that we practice how to line up and how to hustle of the field so we can do it good  during the game

The Dobie football season has grown as they have gotten better over the course of the season. Jamari Farmer 8th grader said” Over the season we have grown cause the coaches know what plays that were strong with and how strong we’ve also grown in practice”  .Their practices let them engage in their individual position Offense positions O-line Running back, Quarterback , and Full Back then the receivers.Then Defense D-line,Linebackers , safeties , and Cornerbacks. They engage in drills that make them better in their position  Jamari Farmer 8th grader also said “it’s good to practice individual position because the selected coach for are position knows how to make you better in that position.”

Then after there individual position work they all come in together and do something that is called Team (team scrimmage against each other) team on offense is where you run your plays against the scout defense (the team your going against) example: a 3-4 defensive setup.Team on defense is were are defense( Dobie)goes against the offense plays that there appoint runs .Austin Horton 8th grader said “ it’s good to go team because you know how to run your plays against the defensive setup your going against