7th grade football for the win

The 7th-grade football team is undefeated, and are working hard. They show a lot of promise. The coaches are working hard along with them.


Brayden Thompson 7th-grade linebacker says “I like the season so far because we are winning.” He loves to play football and he likes their team, Thompson says “It’s hard at times to communicate, but they are hard workers.” He is confident that his team will continue with their undefeated status.


He thinks that coaches are working hard to get them to be the best team. Thompson says they are good coaches and they help him understand the players better. “My father inspired me because he loved the game so much.”


 Sterling Robinson 7th-grade running back agrees with Thompson “They’re nice, they push us to be the best.” Robinson also says “We haven’t lost because we’re better than everyone.”


 Bryson Jones 7th-grade running back says “I think we play good, my teammates and I have been working hard to get where we are.”

The football season is played well and it’s the highlight of the beginning of the year. There are a lot of supporters, A, and B team is working hard to be the best. With two games to rap the season up they should keep their undefeated status