Trick or Treat

Teens are throwing Halloween parties and are going to haunted houses, but are they going trick or treating?

8th grader, Pablo Ponce, won’t be trick or treating. “The reason why I don’t trick or treat is because all you do is go door to door asking for candy and there isn’t that much to do. Plus, I’d rather buy candy from the store.” Pablo has trick or treated in the past but didn’t enjoy it. “The vibe felt dark and I felt like I was in a loop because everyone kept wearing the same thing.”

A 7th grader, Nathan Stanley, said that he was going trick or treating because he already has a costume and he likes to get candy. He is going to dress up as a character from a video game called Fallout. Nathan said, “I think that there’s no age where you’re supposed to stop trick and treating, only until it’s not fun for you anymore, that’s when you stop.”

Kyle Cannon, 8th Grade, isn’t certain if he’s trick or treating. “I’m too old to trick or treat and I’m tall.” Kyle said. “My mom would ask me if I was sure about trick or treating. I would go anyway but this year I was convinced that I’m too old.”