Gamer’s Club: Taking a Peek Behind the Curtains


Katlyn Thomas

Gamers completion of a battle on Super Smash Brother Brawl

Gamer’s Club is an after school activity that up to fifty students can participate in. It’s a place to play games, hang out with, and make new friends. But what exactly is it? So for that reason, the simple, yet informative question is the reason why we will be taking an in-depth dive into the facts of the deep, dark world of the Dobie Jr. High library on an ordinary after-school Thursday.

When asked about Gamers Club The clubs sponsor and school librarian Mrs. Loomis states that after the original sponsor Mrs.Swanson took a break she stepped in and took over around 4 years ago. She says she enjoys sponsoring Gamers Club because she likes supporting gamer kids. When asked what she likes about being a sponsor she states the she loves seeing the kids having fun and getting excited. “Gamer’s Club is crazy, crazy loud” states Mrs. Loomis.

During every meeting you can always find a semi large crowd surrounding a T.V. towards the back of the room. On this T.V. you can find club members playing one of the most popular games in Gamer’s Club, “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” for the Wii. Also known as SSBB, “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” is a Nintendo character filled fighting game up to four people can play. It’s a crazy fun game which is what makes it one of the most popular games in Gamer’s Club. Everyone takes turns using rules as follows, 1st place stays for an extra round while 2nd, 3rd, and 4th give up their controllers so other people can have a turn to play and after the next round if the previous winner wins again they still must give up their controllers.

Another game that isn’t just popular among Gamers Club, but among the Gaming World of the present, “Fortnite” has taken the world by storm. This is why club members playing it during Gamers Club should come as no surprise. “Fortnite” is one of the most popular games inside and even out of Gamers Club. “Fortnite” is a survival-battle royale game created by the developers of Epic Games. It has two individual game play mode. A free to download Battle Royal mode where over 100 people play to be the last one standing, and a Fortnite: Save the World mode that costs about $40 just for the standard founder’s pack plus any in store purchases. Save the World mod is only available on Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while the Battle Royale mode has been released on the previous platforms in addition to Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

Of course video games aren’t the only games that club members play during Gamer’s Club. TCG’s (Trading Card Game) are also very popularly played during club hours. Of course when asked about the newest rule put in place not allowing TCG’s before, during, or after school in the library Gabriella Stucker says “Since last year it’s been 2 or 3 kids. It’s the same kids,they get to into the game, and get loud, and disruptive.”  Stucker states “I think it’s unfair for the rest of the kids who play yugioh. I think that Mrs. Loomis should take away the cards of the kids who continuously are disruptive and loud. And hopefully that would help them see that they are being rude, because it’s unfair to the rest of the kids who play Yu-Gi-oh.” But still you can always find a small group of 7th and 8th graders paying mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! as the most popular TCG in the school.

Caden Petty when asked about why he joined gamers club stated he wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh! with friends. When asked about why he enjoys Yu-Gi-Oh! so much he told staff reporter Katlyn Thomas that he loved the challenge of the game.

When questioned about why he joined Trey Petty states he thinking he would host tournament dual’s and assumed there would be more Yu-Gi-Oh! duelers. When asked what his goal was he stated he wanted to be the best dueler ever just like his older sister.

X’zavion Sanchious states he joined to be with kids with similar interest as him. He says he likes playing games and his favorite is Super Smash Bros competitively.

As you can tell Gamer’s Club isn’t just a place to play games at, it’s a time to make new friends who enjoy and have similar interests. Gamer’s Club is a place where you can be yourself and not worry about the outside world. It’s something that has helped many students find a place where they see they belong.