PV: Fashion is an art


Jocelyn McComic

Tatiana Griggs

Tatiana Griggs, Design editor

Fashion can be presented and identified in  many different ways, but what is certain is that it is an art. There are dresses, shoes, accessories and more.  Many Dobie students, including me, are interested in fashion.

I love fashion and for my career I want to be a fashion designer. Ever since I was about 5 years old, I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. Almost everyday I like to sketch and design clothes and dresses that I want to make. Some shows that I like to watch is Project Runway, I like watching that because it gives me ideas about what people design, and how I can do better at designing and drawing things. In the future, I plan to go to a college or institute in Miami or maybe even in Paris. I personally love the concept of fashion and I find it to be really interesting.

Miranda Cross , 8th grader, says she loves fashion; her favorite fashion designer is Michael Kors, who started his own brand in 1981. Cross says she likes how he designs clothes and how he makes the designs “he just makes it look stylish’’ said cross. People always have different opinions on fashion like Miranda, “I like how you can match things and make it look fashionable” said Cross. Her favorite type of clothing are jeans, she says it can go with anything.

There are alot of different fashion designers that are very popular by the clothes they design. Some older famous fashion designers are Coco Chanel who died in 1971 but, her clothes are still popular and Hubert de Givenchy, his clothing line is of course called Givenchy, he died this year, 2018.

Some people have different brands that sell different things. Some are actors and even singers. Rihanna started her brand Fenty, she sold makeup, clothes and shoes. Kylie Jenner started her own brand as well, Kylie Cosmetics.

The top 5  most famous fashion brands in 2018 are, Balenciaga, Givenchy,  Dolce & Gabbana, Louis vuitton and Gucci. These brands can be pretty expensive because of the quality, style and even just the name of the brand. For example Balenciagas look sort of like a sock shoe and that’s why they tend to cost about $750 or more.

There are plenty of people wanting to be a fashion designer or start their own brand , to do that lots of people plan to go to an fashion and art college or university. Some famous ones are; Parsons school of Design in New york, The Fashion Institute of Design and merchandising in Los Angeles, California and the ESMOND Fashion and Design Institute in Paris France.

Some fashion designers did not go to a college like Coco Chanel , her mother died and therefore, her father put her in an orphanage where she was raised by nuns, she never went to college and she learned all of her knowledge from the nuns she was raised by. She had a career as a singer before she opened her first clothing shop in 1910.

The first fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth. Before he had made up his fashion design house, clothes were made by anonymous dressmakers and styles were derived from royalty.