PV: Teen take a social media detox


Maya Gutierrez, Reporter

Good Morning America has a social media detox for students and parents about every year but  this year it took place November 5 2018. This experiment is mostly for teens in middle school or even heading into high school, but this video they are experimenting with a ten girls in eighth and ninth grade. This experiment is a “simple” challenge that goes on for two weeks.


They are still allowed on their phone just has to delete the social media apps off their phones. The socials that were deleted on their phones were Snapchat, instagram, and twitter if they had the app.


The social media detox help teenagers with lots of mental and physical problems. According to Lifehack.com  “a social media detox helps improve you overall mood”. “Studies have discover that the more time you spend on a social media site, the more likely you are to develop depression.”


As the girls in the video say as the look on social media they see that they are missing out on a lot of things with friends. Lifehack.com also says that a detox can help reconnect with the real world.


I have had a few social media detoxes and they are very helpful. As i took about a week or two from all social media I hung out a lot with my families and friends more instead of just staying in my room. I also got a lot more sleep than i usually do. I just wanna say that a social media break can heal you mental and physical. Take a break at our age we don’t need need the stress of our friends or people at school or just drama around the world.