PV: Social Media is becoming a huge distraction

Aaliyah Brawley, Staff Reporter

                                                By: Aaliyah Brawley

I’ve actually done one before, and it was for 2 & ½ months. During those months i was a little bored, but i actually interacted with my family more. I believe social media does take away the time with your family because you’re drawn to it. I slept the same way without it, nothing was different except for  my focus on everything… it makes you very WOKE & very aware about things .


The video was kinda right in a way, with the social media is basically giving us anxiety & sometimes even depression, because you feel like you have to look a certain way to get attention or you think you need to hop on to trends or challenges…when really, you dont.




Social media for me is a big part in my life, because my family isn’t really that close and not all my siblings live here in texas.. so they post pictures on their pages and i look at them. Also its a major way for me to talk to my friends back in virginia, since im so far away from them. Instead of giving my number i normally tell people my snapchat or maybe my number. I love social media because i get to see what the big influencers are doing, not only that memes cause who doesn’t like those?