Dobie V.S. Corbett Volleyball Game


Jasmin Quiroz

B Team excited to play

Jasmin Quiroz and Ava Normandin


Dobie volleyball girls 7th grade A and B team went to their rival Corbett Jr. high school to play against their A and B team in the final game of the season — the results were split, with a win for A team and a loss for B team.


A team defeated Corbett  23 to 25. The B team lost with a score of  24 to 25 and 25 to 18.

The game was held at  Corbett Jr. High School on October 18, 2018.


Brayden Thompson, 7th grader on the boys football team at Dobie. Thompson went to the game on October 18 to see his fellow Cougars play against our rival school Corbett.  “I went to the game to support Dobie and all my friends that are on the volleyball team,” said Thompson. In his opinion Thompson thinks that our B team should have won. “I feel like we did so good that we should have won a banner,” said Thompson. Thompson thinks that our volleyball team did well because they tried their hardest.


Preston Sanchez, a 7th grader, went to the game because his best friend was playing. Sanchez went to the game to go support the Dobie squad. In the opinion of Sanchez he thought that Dobie did well and that they deserve to win. “The season went pretty good even if we lost some game we got back up and kept going,” said Sanchez.


Allison Garcia a fellow 7th grader at Dobie. Garcia went to the game cause her best friend was playing. Garcia went to see Ashlyn play and she is on the B team. “B team should have won because we had better coronation,” said Garcia. Garcia thinks that the season went really well and it was really fun to see them play, it was also fun to see that the people that go and the plays on the bleachers have a lot of school spirit.