Many teachers pay for hundreds of school supplies


Quiera Walker

The supplies a teacher keeps in her closet for students.

Kaytlin Frank, Quiera Walker, and Olivia Wright

Have you ever used any of the teachers supplies? If you have then you should think about how much money the teacher’s spend on everything you use for school. Well all the decorations you see in your teacher’s classroom are spent with their personal money, all the items  you use is paid with their money if you don’t give it back ,or if you lose it you are just wasting their money.

Kylie Jones, 8th grade. “ I feel like teachers should have more supplies ,but they also shouldn’t because students should already have their school supplies, but if you don’t you could always ask the teacher.” Jones believes that if the students do need to borrow any supplies that they should return it so other students can borrow.

Some students like Jones appreciate and actually return the supplies to the teacher. They are responsible for their actions. They work hard just to give back the teachers supplies.  For example, Jones returning the scissors, pencil, and her returning the glue back to the teacher. You could even use more supplies other then scissors, glue, and a pencil. But you need to remember to return that item back to the person that it belongs to.  According to UsaToday, teachers in the United States spend $480 in school supplies each year.

   Lyndia Cerulli ,Language Art’s Teacher,some teachers like Mrs.Cerulli think thoughts like, “ Some students are appreciative, and some just except it from me.”  When students ask for a pencil or other school supplies they didn’t bring to their classroom. Teachers are sometimes fine with buying school supplies. For example, Mrs.Cerulli has responded with “I feel fine with fine about buying school supplies. A few teachers get frustrated because students don’t return the teacher’s items. Mrs.Cerulli thinks it’s annoying if the same student constantly borrows or uses her supplies. Students should return what they borrow or use from a  teacher because teachers spend more money just to help out students during school time. Some teachers don’t want to spend all of their money on school supplies every single year.