What are students’ opinions on Cougar Connections?

Alexis Keefe, Staff Reporter

Cougar Connections are new this year at Dobie. Different people have different opinions on how the school is doing it and if they really like it or not.There are many pros and cons to having the clubs on Fridays; the pros being that everyone can have the opportunity to be a part of the clubs without having to stay after school, the cons being that some students need that time to do their homework.

Danielle Guest, 8th grader, is part of the Indoor Walking Club and said that she prefers Cougar Connections to cougar time because it is more “selective and gives us chances to be responsible for our own stuff”. She said “Indoor Walking Club is kind of like my de-stressing,” and that the only thing that she would change about it would be to have it two days per week to give us time to do our activities.

Having Cougar Connections on two days of the week would give students more time to do the activities that they signed up for, especially for the classes that are doing a continuous activity like Cougar Clean Up Crew. The class time is so short that students don’t get to do much of what they signed up for.

Lauren Handley, an 8th grader in Color Therapy, says that the main thing that she looks forward to is talking to her friends. The things that she would change about Cougar Connections is to change clubs every 9 weeks and to get the clubs that you actually want instead of being placed in their 5th choice or even worse, a club that she didn’t even choose.

Some students were put into a class that was one of their last choices or wasn’t even one of their choices at all. This is kind of a let down to the students that were excited to be in a specific club, just to find out that they did not want to do what the school selected for them.