What Dobie students are doing this Halloween


Many students at J. Frank Dobie Jr. High have favorite holidays, and  Halloween happens to be one of them. Some students go trick or treating, some go to parties, and some stay in for this spectacular holiday.

Even though many of these options are fun choices, many prefer trick or treating. Some students, such as Amiah Briseno, 8th grader, says “I’m too old to trick or treat.” And is instead going to a Halloween party. Sean Dahoney, 8th grader, says “Any costume i’d wear would be too childish.” He also feels like Halloween is, “dying.” Other students feel like this statement is incorrect.

Lauren Russell, 8th grader,  said that she “likes getting free candy.” This quote is very relatable to students, such as Kaylin Hendrix, 8th grader. She says that she “will be trick or treating with friends, because it is fun and exciting.”

 Halloween is a time for kids of all ages to enjoy their youth, and eat as much candy as they possibly can. Many people take this special day for granted, so you should celebrate it while you have the time to do so. This is a day to spend time with friends and family, and to also have a few laughs. It is important to realize that Halloween is unique, and just as special as the other holidays.

Even though there is no right or wrong way to enjoy and celebrate this festive holiday, it can be dangerous. Students should be sure to check their candy and be cautious of their surroundings. Maya Gutierrez says, “Be safe this Halloween!”