PV: Social media time off


Ava Normandin

Shanel Marlowe

Shanel Marlowe, Staff reporter

The purpose of this paper is to write about the good morning america video on social media, talk about if I would be able to do without social media, and how social media affects my life. Social Media plays a big part in most teenagers life, including mine.  ABC News’ technology correspondent Becky Worley gathered 10 girls from Northern California ages 13 through 14 to go without social media for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the girls shared their experiences. Many of the girls said they had positive and negative experiences.

Some of the positive experiences included they slept better, they connected more with family, they felt less stress and they earned better grades. Despite the positive experiences, many students felt like they were missing out and felt guilty for not responding to their friends. Overall, the majority of the students felt good about taking a break from the pressure and stress of social media.   Could I live without social media?I think I would be able to go without social media. I use social media everyday. I use apps such as Snapchat , Instagram, Google and Youtube.

Despite the fact that i use social media for 2 to 3 hours a day, I believe I would be able to do without social media. Nevertheless, social media affects me in positive and negative ways.As a positive, I get to talk with my friends, look at other peoples stories and record memories and post them. I get to learn from Vloggers and learn the latest music. I use google and calculator while in school to help do my school work during cougar time.

The negative part of social media are it interrupts my sleep which makes me grumpy and tired.  It is time consuming and distracting. In conclusion, the video talked about the positive and negative experiences of social media. Despite my hours spent on social media, I think I would be able to do without it. There are several things I like about social media such as staying in touch with my friends and learning new things. However, I don’t like the negative aspects of social media.